Master Design Publishing (MDP) began in 1986 as a typesetting service on the new computerized systems (a Macintosh using Word and PageMaker 1.0). Since then, MDP has grown and changed. In 1998, MDP became a full-fleged publishing company, offering everything from editing, typesetting, and design work, to printing. In 2004, MDP expanded again and began doing more online marketing. Master Design Marketing was the marketing division of MDP. In 2010, Master Design Marketing became an LLC and its own company.


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  • Since 1986Master Design Publishing

    Created, owned, and ran a publishing company. Worked in multiple countries. Honed my design skills.
  • 1998Website Design

    Incorporated website design services into Master Design Publishing. Started creating websites for clients.
  • 2010Master Design Marketing

    Created an LLC just for marketing and web design.

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Web Design
Product Creation
Marketing on Facebook
Logo Development and Design